I never imagined that my journey into fun photography would begin sometime during 2004, when I began noticing people taking pictures in a new manner. The camera would be held out in front and focus would be on a screen rather than through a viewfinder. Dumb, I thought, totally dumb. I’ve been taking pictures one way or another for as far back as I could remember. My first camera was a rectangular box; when I looked down into it, everything was upside down. The film was, I think, 127. Somewhere along the line I learned to develop film, create prints, use an enlarger. When this new-fangled way of taking pictures came along I was not impressed.

Christmas Dinner, 2004, found us reversing our day by having Christmas Dinner before our gift-exchange. We lingered at the table talking; the talk turned to the new-style cameras. The bachelor Uncle told us of a family member who used one and had high praise for it. Digital photography was becoming the way to shoot. Still not impressed by the new technology I declared “Digital photography is stupid! Give me my good old 35mm Fuji any day!” Little did I know that there was one of those new-fangled digital cameras, complete with printer dock, waiting for me under the tree. I wanted NOTHING to do with it and attempted to set it aside. I thanked my daughter profusely and assured her that I would learn to use the camera sometime in the future. We were heading to Florida for a few weeks and a cruise right after Christmas. That camera most certainly would NOT be going!

My daughter persisted. The box got opened. The camera got set up. She handed it to me and told me to take a picture. With a disgruntled sigh, I turned the camera on the cat sleeping on the bench. The camera then went on the dock, the print began to appear and my attitude began to change …. a bit. (*editors note – her daughter is ALWAYS right)


The camera went on the cruise along with six rolls of film and the 35mm Fuji. I sat with the camera in one hand and manual in the other and learned the camera. The Fuji 35mm never saw the light of day. When we got home, the pictures I took were developed. I fell in love with digital photography and quickly became addicted to this newfound “just for fun photography.”

That Christmas camera was replaced by my first hybrid/bridge camera. I swore up and down that would be the last camera I ever would want and ever would ask for. Between Christmas 2004 and Christmas 2016, there have been thirteen hybrid/bridge digital cameras. I upgraded as new models came out, learned what I could from each camera and repeated the process. There is still a hybrid/bridge camera in the camera bag; they have become very sophisticated. In October 2012 I took a very deep breath and moved up to shooting with a dSLR.

My name is Elaine and I am camera addicted. I see the things around me in frames and I shoot to fill those frames. My passion is macro and nature. I want to see what a bug’s face looks like. I want to capture the details in a flower. I want to see if spiders really do have sixteen eyes. I want to capture the world and make it mine. I’m not good at photographing people and try to keep them out of my shots unless there’s a story to be told or there’s something unique.   Recently I was asked what I shoot. My answer is that I shoot anything and everything.

This is the short version of how Camera In My Hand came about. Camera In My Hand is NOT professional photography. It is the photography of a camera-addicted Senior Citizen who wants to capture the world around her and share that view. It is “just for fun photography.”  Won’t you stop by for a visit, spend a bit of time and share my view of the world?   Come see me and my world via Facebook. Visit, share and like….I’d love to see you there!



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