The End of Chapter One...

We began We Carpe to help people discover compassionate companies to encourage everyday changes in our habits as consumers. Perhaps we just haven’t found the right way to create awareness that ignites a change in our habits. Or perhaps as adults we are just too set in our ways. We have come to the decision that the online directory is not doing the job that we need it to do. So with heavy hearts but optimistic minds we have decided to close this chapter.

The idea of Carpe has always been to seize a better tomorrow and to work together to create a brighter future. We are sad that we have not been able to connect with adults on this important issue but we have decided not to give up, just shift perspectives. The future belongs to the children and that is exactly why we have decided to launch a (soon to be) non profit entitled Feeding Education.

Our mission is simple – help students of all ages overcome the obstacles that keep them from getting a quality education. A love of learning is the first step to change and so we continue our mission along a new uncharted path.

If you believe in the mission then we hope you will join us on the journey. Click the logo to see what it’s all about and how you can help!