The Problem:

This world is filled with compassion, beauty, and creativity, but sometimes it can be hard to see through the cloud of corporate greed and suffering. Everyday we encounter tragic stories and terrifying statistics letting us know that the world is in trouble.

The Solution:

A quiet and steady flow of hope has been emerging steadily over the past few years in the form of the “Socially Conscious Entrepreneur”. These amazing human beings are driven by a desire to make the world a better place. They want to protect the planet, help people that are suffering, and their businesses believe in “profit for purpose.”

You Can Help!

Until now, there has never been a cost effective way for these compassionate companies to gain the spotlight. Advertising is expensive and companies that focus on people and purpose over profit don’t have the budget to purchase the amount of advertising that will let them be seen. We created to spotlight compassionate online companies so you can discover – and support – them in their missions! With convenient online shopping it has never been easier to support the values that you believe in. Help us seize a better future!

– Be the Change – With Every Purchase.

Online Business Icons


Companies with the planet icon care about our earth. They believe in being Eco-friendly and sustainable. They may offer product from recycled materials or products that are grown with concern for the planet and all its creatures.


Companies with the purpose icon were created with a mission of compassion. They were created to help solve a problem and help others. Most often companies in this category will donate product or profit to help others and important causes.


Companies with the people icon go the extra mile to help people make a better life. These companies offer healthy work environments and pay fair wages. They might offer assistance to their employees in various benefits or specific programs.

Support Locally

Restaurants Nationwide are helping kids get a better education. Let’s support their compassion!